Tengo Concept Art
Name Tengo
Origin From the Japanese "tengoku", meaning "heaven"
Trade Foreign hitman
Status Alive?
Affiliations Jeego
Tengo is Near Sighted Jeego's rival. He is a hitman who has been ordered to assassinate Lynne on the orders of "the old man".

He competed with Jeego to be the first to assasinate Lynne by going to her apartment, were he kills Missile and ties up Kamila before being prevented by Sissel. He then followed Lynne into the Junkyard were he successfully sniped Lynne while she was in the Junkyard superviser's office. However this was prevented when Sissel showed up and killed Tengo (presumbly) by dropping crates on him ironically from the same crane that he used to kill Jeego in the same way.

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