Temsik Meteorite

The Temsik Meteorite is a meteorite that fell into Temsik Park (which it was named after) 10 years prior to the start of the events in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. It emmitts a special radiation that allows the dead to use Ghost Tricks. If a person, or animal, were to die in the presence of this meteorite or associated fragments, they would obtain the powers of the dead. However the powers it gives to the person or animal vary. The powers given can change or become stronger as time passes, such an example was Yomiel who could only initially manipulate small living things, but as 10 years passed his powers became stronger and eventually he was able to manipulate people. He didn't however, have Sissel's power to rewind time 4 minutes prior to a person's death nor did he have Missile's ability to switch objects of the same shape.

During the initial events prior to the story the meteorite crashed to the ground at Temsik Park during Yomiel's escape from police custody where he was persued by Dectective Jowd by which he took the 8 year old Lynne hostage. One of the shards that had came off the main body of the meteorite shot into the back of Yomiel piercing his heart and killing him in the process. Because his body was in constant range of the shards radiation it meant that his body was preserved as it was just before he was killed, meaning he was neither alive nor dead. However when Sissel rewound time 4 minutes prior to his death, and by using Missile's power to switch objects of the same shape, he switched Mino - the park mascot - and a post lanturn altering the course of the fragment, and rather than impale Yomiel it changed course slighly and impaled Detective Jowd's knee instead.

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