Concept Art
Name Sissel
Origin From the Japanese "shiseru", meaning "dead"
Status Deceased
Role Protagonist
Sissel is the protagonist of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. He wakes up to find that he is dead and has no memories of his life before becoming a ghost. He makes a vow that while undertaking the search to find out how he ended up dead, he will help change the fate of those he encounters destined to die, through his own intervention. He can communicate with the dead, possess otherwise inanimate objects, and travel back 4 minutes prior to a person's death by possesing their corpse as well as being able to trace calls made by a telephone and then transport along the phone lines to the callers location. These powers are known as 'Ghost Tricks'. He is one of the 3 spirits who were given powers by the Temsik Meteorite by dying in its radiation vicinity. Throughout the story the player and Sissel are led to believe/think Sissel is a human when in fact he is a stray black cat.
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