Concept Art
Name Ray
Origin From the Japanese "kuneru", meaning to wiggle / to flex / to bend
Status Haunted Object
Role Mentor To Player

Ray or Ray of Light (Kuneri in the Japanese games) is a haunted lamp, who teaches Sissel all about Ghost Tricks, weird and wonderful abilities that allow the player to haunt an object. He is really Missile from an alternate series of possible events who died earlier on than the series of events in which the player plays. In this version, the second hitman as well as Yomiel visit Lynne's apartment earlier on and kill both Kamila and Missile. However Missile dies in the radiation coming from the Temsik meteorite fragment inside of Yoimel thus granting him his Ghost Tricks. He then follows finds lyanne at the junkyard and whatches helplessly as she is murdered. He witnesses the spirit of Sissel appear who he asks to assist him. Selfishly Sissel declines, saying that he has to find out who he is first. Missile turns back time using Yomiel's corpse. Using his last remaining strength, he travels to the Junkyard, possessing a desk lamp and waiting for events to repeat themselves, a good 10 years later. He then proceeded to instruct Sissel on his powers and lyed to him about his soul disappearing at dawn, using his naivity to spur him into saving Lynne and Kamila. While waiting for Sissel, he developed mild minipulation abilities that allowed him to control small objects although it is mentioned that one (or more) of his other powers suffered because of this.

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