Concept Art
Name Missle
Origin Takumi Shû's own Pomeranian is also named "Missile"
Status Living/Deceased
Role Pet

Missle is Kamila's trustwothy pet and companion. A curious yet dopy dog, he is much loved by his young owner. There is also a dog named Missile, in the Ace Attorney series: Dick Gumshoe's police dog shares the same name, altough they are different breed.

Unfortunately he is shot dead early on in the game, when a deadly assassin shoots him dead at his front doorstep. But when the spirit of Sissel reverses time, anything is possible, even the prevention of his death... However later on Missile is killed again at Temsik park when on of Kamila's kidnappers runs him over with his motorcycleunintentionaly. Luckily, he dies this time near the buried Temsik meteorite which, in turn, grants him 'Ghost Tricks' which include: A longer reach (triple that of Sissels) and the ability to swap the places of similar shaped objects that he can reach. He is one of the 3 spirits blessed with powers by the Temsik Meteorite.

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Missile's theme on YouTube

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