Concept Art
Name Kamila (Kannon)
Origin From "Kannon", the Japanese name of Guanyin.
Staus Living
Role Object of Protection

Kamila is a young girl, living with Lynne in her apartment. She happens to be at home when a hitman, searching for Lynne, stumbles in on her listening to music. Sissel manages to intervene and hide her from the hitman and preventing Missile (who is with her) from being shot. She is then contacted by Lynne to meet her at the Chicken Kitchen and to bring along a music box hidden in the apartment along with her. She is the daughter of detctive Jowd and responsible for creating the 'murder machine' which went wrong she ended up,unintentionaly killing her mother. Detective Jowd took the blame for the murder to protect Kamila, resulting in his prison sentace and execution. Kamila is later kidnapped by 'Beauty' and a her unamed partner after being saved by Missile' ghost who ended up killing the 'park guardian' in the process. Both deaths were prevented when Sissel showed up and worked with missile to prevent both deaths. When the Temsik Fragment is preventd from killing Yoimel, she never ended up killing her mother as her contraption worked as it was supposed to. Thus she continued to live with her perants and is regualy visited by Lynne.

Her japanese name, "Kanon" is also the kana rendering of the French word "canon", meaning "cannon". Takumi thought that was a good fit, considering her duo with "Missile". She was originally supposed to be named "Ribbon", a pun on "reborn", but they felt naming a ribbon-wearing character "Ribbon" was a bit too much.

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