Ghost Tricks

Ghost Tricks are the powers of the dead. Sissel uses these new found, ghostly powers to save the living from their fate, a fate that leads to their own death. Anyone who has been in contact with a Ghost Trick or has died can communicate with Sissel and vice versa. These powers are said to be accessible only to a select few, or special people. However it appears that Ghost Tricks can be obtained by anyone as long as they were within the radius affected by the radiation emitted by the Temsik Meteorite or associated fragments. However, the powers the person may recieve will not be the same as another, as each person exposed to the Temsik radiation gets a different power or variant of a power. For example while Yomiel has a more advanced version of Sissel's manipulation trick, he cannot perform 4 Minutes Before Death. Much like neither of the aforementioned can switch objects of the same shape, whereas Missile can.


[edit] Possession

Ghost Mode and the auras of objects
By entering ghost mode, Sissel can possess inanimate objects, such as sign posts and lamps. Sissel can only take hold of an object if it has an aura or if it is within a certain distance from him. A ghost called Ray tells Sissel of his ghost tricks by taking possession of a lamp during the very first scenario.

Missile has a longer reach than that of Sissel, this could be due to Missile being exposed to the Temsik meteorite shortly after his death.

[edit] Manipulation

When taking possession of an object, by leaving ghost mode Sissel can then manipulate an object in a way indicated on the top screen of the Nintendo DS. I.e. Opening a ladder. By doing this he can successfully intervene in the fates of others, stopping their deaths at the hands of Jeego and other people/events.

Yomiel has a more powerful variant of the possession power that Sissel possesses. While the latter can only possess and manipulate small objects - such as a desk lamp - Yomiel can manipulate living things, such as cats and even people, both dead or alive.

[edit] Time

One Ghost Trick allows Sissel to rewind time to 4 minutes prior to a person's death. This accounts as a major part of the game and greatly aids to the succession for most of the given scenarios.

[edit] Item Switching

This is a Ghost Trick that is exclusive to Missile. When in ghost mode he can connect his spirit to two objects of the same size and allow them to swap places. He obtained this power by touching the Temsik meteorite in the Park after being run over, and consequently killed, by an assassin that kidnapped Kamila.

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